Decor that will definitely make your event

Decorations set the desired mood for any event you want to host, Distinctive Choice specialises in themed events, corporate events, cocktail parties and any other event you want celebrated for any reason. Creative, cutting edge event decoration can take your event to the next level. It matters not if you think the detail or decoration is small, it can enhance your attendee’s experience -Distinctive Choice knows how to achieve what you are aiming to when hosting an event. more…

More than just a party, we have complementary services to enhance the experience


Planning an event can often be quite daunting, we worry about making sure that all the basses are covered and quite often feel overwhelmed at the sheer scale of details that may potentially be overlooked. Most of us are not professional event planners, we don’t have the time or perhaps the experience to ensure that our event will be all that it can be. The best way to ensure that your critically important event runs smoothly and leaves guests feeling as though they have experienced an event to remember, it is always best to consult a professional. more…

From weddings to graduation parties, if it’s an event we will make it happen

Distinctive Choice has taken the entertainment industry by storm, from CD launches to college parties; we make certain that people enjoy themselves when they have something to celebrate. Distinct Choice is the one stop shop to make an event come alive. Feel the buzz when people plan to have a good time, a good time celebrating the companies successes achieved throughout the year is one example. more…

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